How InnRewards review system works...

       As we all know, reviews have become a big part of deciding where we stay and what products we buy.  It seems like everywhere we go, we look at them.  But have you ever wondered if what you’re reading is actually true? A lot of them are true and give valuable information to help us with our choices, but for a business it can be very trying at times when reviews just simply are not true.  It could be coming from an employee that was just let go, or maybe  from a guest that was asked to leave because of actions unacceptable to the business owner.  So, we are changing the way in which we display reviews. Each review that comes in will be verified by the business owner. If a less than stellar review is posted, a business owner will have the right to take the review into a mediation process to work out any issues the reviewer or business might have.  After the mediation is completed, then, and only then, will the final review be posted.

       Why are we doing this?  This site was founded on the ideas and collaborations of innkeepers and businesses across the country.  We strongly believe that a true, verified review has much more value and credibility  than reviews spawned from customers who are allowed to post unmonitored opinions perhaps out of malice or irritation toward the business. After doing much research on the review process with business owners, we have found they all have one thing in common.  If you truly have an issue with a business…they would love the chance to make things right with you! At InnRewards, reviews are very important to the businesses that advertise on our site.  They need and want as many reviews as they can get. 
This is how they are ranked in the system.  The more reviews, the better advertising they will receive.  So please take the time to review a business, we encourage you to do so.  But please review responsibly and honestly.